Tax Authorities Target OnlyFans Influencers Giulia Ottorini and Eleonora Bertoli: Allegations of Tax Evasion Surround Famous Social Media Divas

Tax Authorities Target OnlyFans Influencers Giulia Ottorini and Eleonora Bertoli: Allegations of tax evasion have cast a spotlight on two famous social media divas, Giulia Ottorini and Eleonora Bertoli, from Bologna. Known for their stunning looks and charm, these influencers have amassed a massive following on TikTok and Instagram. However, their financial affairs are currently under scrutiny by the Tax Office. Discover the details surrounding these allegations and the ongoing investigation into these popular online personalities.

Tax Office Investigates OnlyFans Stars Giulia Ottorini and Eleonora Bertoli

The Tax Office has launched an investigation into social media sensations Giulia Ottorini and Eleonora Bertoli, who have gained fame through their presence on platforms like OnlyFans. The two influencers, known for their captivating content and large followings, are now facing allegations of tax evasion.

Giulia Ottorini, with her staggering 3 million followers across various social media platforms, has become particularly well-known for her content on OnlyFans. However, recent revelations have brought her under scrutiny. In a video shared on, she disclosed her extravagant expenses, including substantial amounts of cash spent over a short period of time.

The Tax Office, according to reliable sources, has discovered that Giulia Ottorini failed to declare her earnings amounting to 300 thousand euros. This non-disclosure has resulted in penalties imposed by the Finance Department. Similarly, Eleonora Bertoli, another popular influencer, is also alleged to have concealed the same amount of income from the tax authorities.

These investigations are not limited to Giulia Ottorini and Eleonora Bertoli alone. Two other social media personalities, Gianluca Vacchi and Luis Sal, have also come under scrutiny for concealing substantial incomes of 7 million and 2 million euros, respectively, between 2022 and 2023.

Law enforcement agencies are actively engaged in a comprehensive investigation into these influencers, with a particular focus on their follower counts as a key factor. The influencer list of 2023 has provided valuable insights that aid in identifying potential tax evasion cases.

The investigation into the financial activities of these OnlyFans stars serves as a reminder that even in the world of social media and internet stardom, individuals are not exempt from their tax obligations. The Tax Office is committed to ensuring that all individuals, regardless of their popularity or status, fulfill their legal duties and contribute their fair share to society.

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